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About Me

Hearing the call to nursing in my 20's in 2003, I spent a year and a half pursuing the career, until an awful experience made me think I wasn't meant to be a nurse... I quit. It wasn't until over a decade later I would learn it wasn't really just me. I came back to it in 2012, having never been able to shake the feeling I was meant to help people. Throughout my time as a student nurse, my placements, and then in my graduate year, I had mixed experiences. I had some wonderfully supportive and helpful preceptors and facilitators. But I also had some who were not so helpful or supportive, or even downright unhelpful and unsupportive. I watched my fellow students and grads go through these same experiences. And as a nurse, and later a facilitator myself, I watched students, new grads, and experienced nurses as they became overwhelmed, stressed, then cranky and mean, or plain miserable and negative. Becoming unwell after allowing this sort of thing go on far too long myself, I decided there had to be a different way. Everyone said "that's just how life is as a nurse. It's always been that way" or the old "nurses eat their young"... but I thought "surely it doesn't HAVE to be this way?!"
And it doesn't. I found a different way of approaching work, nursing, and life in general. I found strategies, tools and methods to balance myself and my life. And with that... I decided to help others do that too! And here I am!

About Me: About Me
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